(Get a) Real Job

March 7th – 18th
La Boheme, Adelaide


Claire has never had a real job.

With a resume that looks like a list of highly questionable life choices, from Croatian Busker, Australia’s Worst Tennis Tour Guide, Old Timey Nursing Home Singer to Magic Salad Fingers (true story), Claire tries to answer that endlessly awkward question: “what do you do?”

Claire Healy’s new show, (Get a) Real Job looks at what we do to make a few dollars, the changing ways we make our sweet cash in a world of unaffordable houses and unpaid internships and what do you put on a boarding card when ‘Wandering Theatrical Gypsy with Limited Life Skills’ doesn’t quite fit.

Come on a musical romp full of original songs, accompanied by piano, ukulele, accordion and a requisite gin, of course.

“A frenetic ride through Healy’s head.” ★★★★ – Adelaide Advertiser

“If Kate Bush had worked on her jokes and taken herself a little less seriously, she could have been Claire Healy.” – Herald Sun